A new direction for Optus. Built to evolve at the speed of culture. Given the ever-changing nature of entertainment, the brand would need to move with the times to stay relevant to its audience.
People were starting to see telcos as the ‘pipe’ that carries content for other players. With consideration of the brand flat-lining, Optus realised they needed to shift from simply delivering telecommunications to delivering the full experience of digital engagement. It was up to Re to create a brand fit for this bold new world.
introducing an additional layer outside the core identity, which we call the playground. Governed by principles, rather than guidelines, the playground is where the brand can stretch its legs, push in new directions and evolve at the speed of culture.

Individual ‘brand worlds’ enable Optus to naturally flex to suit any genre, subculture or customer segment it needs to. Essentially skins on the core identity, these worlds feel fresh and unique, yet each has a backbeat that’s distinctly Optus.

Agency: Re Sydney

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