Minderoo is a global force for change, equality and sustainability.

Founded by Twiggy, Nicole and Grace Forrester, it is one of Australasia’s largest philanthropic organisation tackling today’s toughest issues.

Minderoo is born of and for the people, they seek to empower others through inclusion, collaboration and kindness. It’s the Aussie way, standing up for what we believe in. Supporting the little guys. Minderoo wants to shake up the status quo, and consistently challenge old ideals. Using the language of protest we created an identity as bold and vibrant as the foundation itself. A brand that lives up to its promise. 

The Minderoo badge becomes the unifying and housing device for all of Minderoo Foundation’s seven signature challenges – indigenous parity, modern slavery, eliminating cancer, early childhood development, marine preservation, building communities, and research and innovation.

Agency: Re Sydney – Minderoo Foundation Team
Illustration: Matt Wong

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